Helpful Hints

Helpful Tips to consider when planning and ordering your wedding cake!

Number of Guests:

For the amount of tiers and size of each needed.

General Appearance:

Layers stacked tier on tier, separated by columns or would you prefer a fountain, stair set-up or stands

Flavour of Cake:

Choice of : Dark and light fruit cake, lemon or vanilla maderia cake with a lemon or vanilla buttercream filling, Carrot and Walnut cake with a cream cheese filling,  chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream filling and the popular chocolate biscuit cake.

Icing Type and Color:

Rolled sugarpast (rolled icing, sweet tasting, smooth texture) Usually white, ivory or pastel in color. Can be coloured to any requirement.

Filling Between Layers:

Example: Buttercream, Chocolate, jam – Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon.

Decorations – Brides will often consider a theme when deciding how they prefer their cake decorated or sometimes just personal preference.

Other pictures and designs from bridal magazines help in creating that magical cake. We can help with mixing and matching ideas. Have Fun!


Handmade flowers can be created to coordinate with the bride’s or the bridesmaid gowns or bouquet. If real flowers are used on your cake, I can talk with your florist to discuss the cake size and coordinate time of delivery so the flowers can be placed on the cake

Color Theme:

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to match everything. Darker colors may not always appear true. Plum, burgundy and royal blue may appear black in pictures. Small amounts of these colors are better. Color may be added by simply placing bridesmaid’s flowers around the base of your cake when displayed.

Top Ornament:

Several ideas are available if a traditional bride and groom is not what you prefer on the top tier of your wedding cake. Consider a handmade cold porcelain bouquet, a bow or fresh flowers or I can order ornaments for the top tier.

Ordering – Remember dates can be filled fast. To reserve your date a deposit is almost always required. Final payments are usually requested prior to delivery. © 2019