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What girl doesn’t love cake? But I have to admit, I can’t stand fruit cake and we wanted our wedding cake to be … A) Wow enough to hold its own in the stunning setting of a magical Irish castle on New Year’s Eve. B) Personal to us and our life. C) The tastiest cake anyone had ever had.  No pressure then! Finding Sharon at Cannaboe Confectionary quite simply made all our cake dreams come true. The second our guests clapped eyes on her culinary masterpiece there were more photos on the cake than on the bride and groom! Our guests had never seen the like of it with a top tier comprising Rob and I (bride and groom) in all our wedding glory including the feather detail on my dress and our ring bearers – Penny the Harlequinn Great Dane and Ella the Bassett Hound and our Tabitha cat who hadn’t made it from London to Ireland in any other guise but glorious icing paste! Underneath, a tower of sumptuous (practical!) cupcakes in our sapphire and silver theme complete with masquerade masks to represent our masked ball event took everyone’s breath away. It wasn’t just cake – it was art and it tasted wonderful! If you’re a bride wondering about commissioning Sharon or indeed anyone who wants to make a statement that can be eaten and enjoyed and talked about for years after – we cannot recommend Cannaboe more highly. Thank you Sharon for playing such an important and memorable part in our special day. Yum!


Emma and Rob, Penny and Ella and Tabitha. Married New Year’s Eve 2012 at Markree Castle, Sligo.



Melissa and Kevin were OVER THE MOON with their cake. It was a perfect replica!
EVERYONE said how delicious the cake was, mum and dad were especially impressed.
My husband has not shut up about it being the best cake he has ever tasted, and he should know given his EXTEMELY sweet tooth!

Many thanks on behalf of Melissa and Kevin



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