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Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft week 5

It was lovely to see a great number turning out for our 5th week in Athlone It.

I did a demo on Brush Embroidery, which can be done directly onto cakes

and Runouts which can be piped onto a piece of greaseproof paper and used 48 hours later.

These are both made using royal icing.…

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Royal Icing

Recipe for Royal Icing

8oz icing sugar

1 egg white

Sieve half the icing sugar into a bowl and add the egg white. 

Whisk slowly until all the icing sugar is mixed up with the egg white.

Add the remainder of the icing sugar into the bowl and continue to whisk slowly until it whips …

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Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft course Week 4

Last night our two classes made handmade sugarcraft flowers.

I demonstrated how to make the roses first, some carnations, daisys and punch flowers.

The ladies then made a flower cake top each which, as you will see had a beautiful colour mix through them. They brought their flowers home so they could put them on …

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Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft Course week 3

This week both classes had to bring in their own maderia cake which would be transformed into a jersey, couch or handbag. 

The handbag proved to be the more popular choice.

They all turned out lovely and they should be quite proud of themselves.

Here are the photos

Next week we will be making sugarpaste …

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Athlone Advanced sugarcraft course week 2

Our class was divided in two so we now have a 4.30 p.m. class and a 7.00 p.m. class.

We started by making piping bags from parchment paper.  Once the bags were made we then proceded to practice piping lines, letters and loops.

After the ladies cleared their worktops off I prepared a 10″ maderia …

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