First Holy Communion ideas


Its nearly that time of year again.The hunt is on for the white dress or the new suit for their First Holy Communion.

Whether you are the mum or dad, godmother, godfather, aunty or uncle,

a Cannaboe Communion cake will make a lovely gift for the day.

Cannaboe Communion cakes can be made from chocolate, maderia, chocolate biscuit or carrot cakes.

The little prayer book and the rosary beads are all made from sugarpaste and are edible.

The prayer book can be lifted off the cake and put away as a momento of the special day.

Book your cake with Sharon at 0719644778, email us at or just book by leaving a comment and we will get back to you.

We also make chocolate lollipops for First Holy Communion. Check out our online shop for further information. © 2019