Decadent Wedding Dessert Ideas


Bride n Groom cupcakesAs you are already aware, weddings can be quite expensive. From the flowers to the reception hall, wedding expenses add up, and some of the most minute details can be the costliest. Although there are certain areas where expenses can be spared, you shouldn’t scrimp on certain items, particularly the food and beverages being served. You may be a master when it comes to making sweets at home or may have even hosted a dinner party or two, however, creating meals and dessert treats for an entire wedding is a bit different and can be very complicated. Unlike baking in the comforts of your own home, weddings can’t be done over if mistakes are made. Planning and organising a wedding feast is not a simple feat, and even the best of us need a little help from professionals when it comes to creating treats for the big day.


While you’ll naturally want a cake large enough to feed all of your guests, there are other baked goods that you can serve at your reception. Candy bars, tiny pies, and cupcakes are just a few examples of the unique, sweet treats that you can serve along with your wedding cake.


cupcake displayBaked Treats That Take the Cake


Cupcakes and small bites of delicious baked snacks are a new trend in wedding treats, and bakers and cake designers are crafting mouthwatering treats like cake pops, doughnuts, sweet pretzels, and s’mores drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce in addition to the traditional wedding cake. Get super creative by serving shot-glass parfaits in colours that match your wedding theme and the M&S dresses worn by your bridal party. For a summer wedding, cool desserts like gelato and ice cream make ideal treats to beat the heat. For some really unique goodies to accompany your main wedding desserts, create a dessert buffet with waffles dipped in chocolate, booze-infused shaved ice, personalised pies, cobblers in jars, or a build-your-own cookie station with yummy macaroons, raisins, sugar, chocolate chips, or biscotti. Don’t forget to make your buffet enticing by adding decorations and other adornments that suit your wedding theme or set up your wedding dessert display to give it a charming, bake shop appeal that your guests will surely adore.


Sweet TableHave an Open Bar


Candy bars are a growing trend in children’s party treat, and can also make a great addition to the desert table at your wedding. Again, match your wedding’s colour scheme with your candy bar to bring out your wedding theme and create a sense of cohesion to your reception. Remember to take advantage of your flowers and table displays by using matching linens and corresponding centerpieces. Also, don’t be scared to use coordinating details like linens, ribbons, and other festive decorations. Sweets aren’t the only wedding dessert bites that can be served at your reception—try integrating refreshing fruits such as strawberries, bananas, or apples covered in chocolate or caramel. No matter what extra treats you serve at your reception, make sure that your desserts pair well with your wedding cake. © 2019