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Originally uploaded by cacamilis

Its great to see a bit of colour and growth in all the gray shades of winter .

This is the view from my kitchen window.

Its a whin bush and its in full bloom.…

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Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft week 7

Week 7 was about making sugarpaste models.  We had made some in the previous set of classes but practice makes perfect!

I started by doing a demo of a communion boy and girl sugarpaste model which could be put on a communion cake.

The ladies then made their own.  Here are some of the photos.  …

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We made 4 dozen cupcakes for a 21st last weekend.

The room for the party was done up in gold and ivory and the girl was wearing cerise pink so we teamed the cupcakes to match.

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Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft week 6

I was so busy this week I didn’t get time to talk about Monday nights class.   So here goes.

It was a class on wedding cakes.

We discussed stacking, pillaring and dowelling of wedding tiers – without the tears.

Both classes kept me very busy with questions on all aspects of wedding cakes.

I had …

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Biscuit Cake Recipe



Biscuits 250g

Cocoa 2 tblsps

Butter 85g

Caster sugar 2 tblsps

Eggs  2

2-3 drops vanilla essence

Chocolate 75g


Crush biscuits.  Mix with sugar and cocoa. 

Whisk eggs and add to biscuits with vanilla essence.

Melt butter to boiling point and mix all together.

Press mixture into a 6” round lined cake tin.

Pour melted

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Cannaboe Confectionery bakery & showroom location

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Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft week 5

It was lovely to see a great number turning out for our 5th week in Athlone It.

I did a demo on Brush Embroidery, which can be done directly onto cakes

and Runouts which can be piped onto a piece of greaseproof paper and used 48 hours later.

These are both made using royal icing.…

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Royal Icing

Recipe for Royal Icing

8oz icing sugar

1 egg white

Sieve half the icing sugar into a bowl and add the egg white. 

Whisk slowly until all the icing sugar is mixed up with the egg white.

Add the remainder of the icing sugar into the bowl and continue to whisk slowly until it whips …

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Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft course Week 4

Last night our two classes made handmade sugarcraft flowers.

I demonstrated how to make the roses first, some carnations, daisys and punch flowers.

The ladies then made a flower cake top each which, as you will see had a beautiful colour mix through them. They brought their flowers home so they could put them on …

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Snow at last

We were getting worried that we weren’t going to get snow.

Woke up this morning and there it was in all its glistening glory.…

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