Cannaboe Wedding Cake Tasting


Cannaboe Tasting Tray

YUM –  Wedding Cake Tasting!

Did you know we do wedding cake tasting appointments?  It is a delicious part of the wedding planning process.

If you would like a tasting appointment just email or Facebook us to let us know what day and time suits you.  Give us an idea of what cakes or cupcakes you had in mind or we can just have a selection of everything we offer.  If you do have a favourite cake with a twist, like a chocolate cake with a baileys chocolate ganache filling (yum) just let us know.

Usually, it is the couple themselves who attend the tasting but our tastings this weekend are made up of couples and a mother of the bride-to-be accompanied by the mother in law-to-be. A lot of couples are abroad so Mum and Dad get all the fun. It’s a great way of including them in your plans.

If you have ideas for your wedding cake or cupcakes bring them with you on the day.  Times have changed the way we do everything.  Years ago, it was cut outs from magazines but that has quickly changed to images from Pinterest and the web.  You can take pictures when you are here if you see something you like.

We will have a cup of tea or coffee along with the tasters and there is no pressure to pick on the day.  We think it’s a good idea to take your time after the tasting to chat about all the different flavours and get back to us with your decision.

So, if you do want to call in for a cake tasting drop us an email at,  Facebook us or phone us on 0719644778.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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