Athlone Advanced Sugarcraft Course Weeks 9 & 10


The beautiful flowers presented by my class at the end of our 10 weeks.

Thank you so much, the flowers, and the card, were a lovely thought.  Thank you Eileen also for the lovely card.   I really enjoyed my 10 weeks both before and after Christmas.  It was great to see you all improving so quickly and enjoying something I have for many years.

I have to put the last two weeks of the course together. I didn’t have my camera with me for Week 9.

Week 9 – We made chocolate paste. This is a paste made from melted chocolate, glucose syrup and water which when mixed together and left overnight can be rolled out and used for covering cakes and making flowers.
I made some up the day before the course so the girls could actually use it and we made a selection of milk, white and dark chocolate flowers from it.

Week 10 – The last week was used to allow the girls to make whatever type of cake they wanted. So we ended up with a wide variety of novelty cakes from couches, handbags, cars, books and teddies.
Here is a selection of some of them. 


I have finally got most of my course photos together as a set on our Flickr site.    Have a look and see if you can find yours.  Keep in touch and enjoy sugarcrafting. © 2019