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On Trend – American Wedding Trends In Ireland

America is the land of the Trend – never more so than when it comes to weddings. An obsession with the Big Day drawn from Hollywood and a culture which revolves around matrimony has led to a person’s wedding being the defining moment of their life – all the more reason to get it absolutely right. In order to make the day as memorably wonderful as it should be, many people have come up with innovative ideas which have swiftly caught on and become trends. And where America leads, the world (sometimes reluctantly, but inevitably) follows. Of course, some of the more bizarre and ‘niche’ trends (social-media pre-nups, for example) may not catch on in Ireland – but some of the others are already making their way across the Pond. Luckily, Cannaboe Confectionery can ensure that there is a cake suitable for every wedding style.


An increased desire to see a spiritual (if not necessarily religious) element to the matrimonial ceremony has seen a surge in the use of candles in the USA. Wanting something which will adequately symbolise a lasting union, and enhance the spiritual element already provided by the church (which seems stale to some), couples are incorporating candles into their ceremonies. Sometimes, all wedding guests may hold a lit candle, symbolising their support of the couple’s love. Other times, each newlywed may light a large ‘unity’ candle from an individual candle which they themselves hold – thus symbolizing that, while a new fire is lit from the wedding, it does not diminish the old flames of the individual self, and in fact contributes to the overall ‘light’ in the lives of the people. This is becoming very popular in Ireland, with Irish sellers of wedding candles doing very well out of it. It can be truly wonderful to illuminate or decorate the wedding cake with candles, lending a poignancy to the confection and bringing home its meaning for the couple.

Katie from concurred “We did this at our wedding after reading about it somewhere, we wanted to do something slightly different. It was beautiful, really lovely and it allowed everyone to join in with the ceremony!”


Another trend is that of ‘mixing and matching’. Gone are the days of rigidly regimented colour schemes, with bridesmaids, crockery, tablecloths and confectionery all sticking to a single shade. Instead, many American brides are choosing to render their weddings in a riot of colours, with bridesmaids, confectionery, and even crockery in a glorious and vibrant profusion of wildly different tints. It’s a trend which has spread like wildfire in the USA, and is seeping even now into the Boho-culture of the UK. It’s a trend which brings a quirky, fun unconventionality to the big day, putting everyone in the party spirit and nicely offsetting what can, for some, be an off-putting element of stiff formality. If this appeals to you, why not top your wedding with a colourful upside down cake? It’s fun, it’s bright, and it provides just the right note of Boho individuality – as well as being delicious!


America being a large and climatically diverse place, it is not at all uncommon for American couples to travel for their ceremony. Throwing off the smog of the big city, they head for the mountains, or the open fields, for the spectacular deserts and prairies, or the warm seashore sunshine. Of course, Ireland is neither big enough nor diverse enough to allow such choice of venue. Although Ireland is remarkably beautiful, there may be some who wish to be married somewhere with more reliable weather! It is perfectly feasible for Irish couples to travel in order to be married. Generally speaking, foreign-registered marriages are accepted under Irish law so long as you meet all the generalised Irish legal prerequisites for marriage, meaning that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have that dream wedding in the sunshine! Marriages abroad should be registered according to the codes and practices of the country in which you wish to be wed. You can even undertake a wedding cruise, and be married at sea on a specially decked-out ship – just be sure to check that the Captain is a legal registrar of marriages before you commit to this! The laws governing Captaincy and the right to conduct civil ceremonies are complex, and vary from nation to nation.

Separate Ceremonies

Of course, the trend for having everything just as and where you want it can lead to complications. The need to intensely customize every aspect of the day has led to some embarrassing blunders across the Pond, when it turned out that the ‘perfect’ officiant was not, in fact, legally licenced to perform weddings and the marriage was thus not legal. In order to avoid this sort of mistake, some Irish couples are converting the ‘everything as we want it’ trend into one whereby a lavish pseudo-ceremony is held at a location of choice, everything customised and set out just-so, to be followed (or preceded) by a small, quick ‘official’ ceremony on a different date. The larger event is more of a celebration of the marriage than an actual wedding, but it fulfils all the requirements for food, drink, dancing and speeches which people wish for their big day, with no concerns about falling foul of official procedure. Of course, there never need be any headache regarding the cake. Cannaboe Confectionery can provide a cake which will accommodate any need, fashion, trend, or desire – and, while it may look too good to eat, there’ll be no compromise on taste!

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